3 complete urban backbone charging networks to support:

E-Car Sharing

Green E-Shuttle Services

Green E-Taxis


Innovative Mobility Services Infrastructure

  • Network of 23 DC and 144 AC chargers
  • Guarantied infrastructure utilisation;
  • Enabling development of various environment friendly urban transport

Intermodal Marketplace

Searching for optimal transportation service (e-taxi, e-shuttle, public transportation…) – bringing to one platform currently distinct services:

  • ad hoc such as taxi/Uber/Hopin
  • planned shuttle
  • public transportation

Innovative E-Taxi Platform

  • Newly developed e-taxi platform
  • Optimizing cost and route efficiency based on advanced algorithms (match offer and demand, route optimisation based on battery status taking into consideration passenger route and distance to fast charging hub, EV charging optimisation…)